to november

by woods wayward

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don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even gotta tell 'em


released December 1, 2014

recording in my apartment and out in the open between summer - november 2014

tambourine by jerry on track 2
additional ambience by nature, jerry, johnny, allen, claudio, and byron



all rights reserved


Hollandinspirit Los Angeles, California

Eddie Hernandez

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Track Name: nineties classic
sometimes when the room gets cold
there's a newborn growing in the mold
i remember that's the price i paid
and for every speck of dust i ate
hear a baby cry out "mommy please"
when his mom would always burn her knees
and there was christ to spread across the room
he would smile at all the things they'd do and they went wild

bony fingers, hold them softly, let them linger on in moody light

my best friend then was made of glass
he was eight years old and hunched his back
now he sleeps where all the good girls meet
they would clean up good and talk for weeks
and the spider webs turned into woods
ever since the kids were trapped in good
but their father wanted to run away
he would joke and yell and laugh all day and he was wild

bony fingers, hold them softly, let them linger on in moody light

someone's got a lot of nerve
to come all this way and not stay for dinner
i can feel the rust inside my head
i could never be the boy you bred
twenty years have come so fast
i will make this stay but will it last
i am only having attic dreams
i'll come down as soon as i stop feeling wild

bony fingers, hold them softly, let them linger on in moody light

save my brothers, tell my sister, "leave while you can, i'll be alright"
Track Name: michael broadcast
i miss my brothers
i'm sure they've read the news
i miss my father
but he's been fucked up
too much to care about all the things that i once did, oh well

i might as well admit that i've been
caught up in newport
but now there's nothing new
i'll join the air force
then i could show you proof
that there's nothing on the street for me no more, i know
i'm bailing out of luck

so hear me out
just leave me here
wasting my rebel cry

can i be homesick?
i never did want to
i'm being honest
i live a life abused
by all the kids that seem to fear me when i scream,
so loud, i might not have a problem

but i digress
no surprise
i need another drag for when i'm resting my lazy eyes

i know my lover
knows that i don't think twice
she says "my fist hurts
from all those times you've lied,
'michael why'd you have to go broadcast your life?
you are the sunset to my nightmares every night’"

there'll be a lack
of goodbyes
until i'm taught just how to believe in a better way to die
Track Name: unkind
there's no need to be angry
don't let him see that you need help
this was all in good health
you know he'd say

i thought i did, i thought it was

nothing's gone on lately
he's been hanging out with the boys
always trying to fill the void
but he thinks you're still

no need to worry
remember that hideous scar on his thigh
we'd laugh at and then he'd cry?

it sucks but he was never much

and i feel sorry for what he must think now you're in love
what he thinks now you're in love
Track Name: camper
*the boys and i trying to figure out if a car is coming or not*

something missing inside my head
will happy camper ever be my friend?
and if i go to sleep
i won't have to think
just what could happen next
i'll be in my dreams
and what that means
is not my problem yet

if i continue down these stairs
can i convince you that there's nothing there?
are you believing in what they do?
i'm here to tell them that it's all for you

i lost all my friends for this

something creeping inside my head
i'll come running when i count from ten
i hear that sarah's worth
a thousand words
i could memorize in bed
i'll let them go
if she lets me know
and i'll be her only friend